Electric Vehicles (Thailand) Co.,ltd. or EVT was established by group of concerned businessmen who wanted to take firm action to help preserve our environment, particularly in Bangkok where air pollution has reached such dangerous levels as to have a profound detrimental effect on future economic development and the quality of life.
In Thailand, the pollution Control Department and NECTEC (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center) under the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment are conducting research into these environmental problems. NECTEC itself is focusing on the development of electric vehicles, and in conjunction with EVT has established a factory to produce a variety of electric vehicles for practical applications. With Board of Investment approval, the project enjoys special promotional privileges and has been working to meet increasing local and foreign demand since October



  • Develop a full range of electric vehicles that will help both Thais and people around the world protect the environment.
  • Cooperate with organizations in both the public and private sectors, locally and abroad, to promote research and development of new technology that can be used in company and manufacturing to benefit companies, the public, the nation and the world.
  • Allocate a budget to support both short and long- term research and development of electric vehicles.
  • Create a corporate culture that employees will grow to love, respect and trust, as well be inspired by to help protect the country’s environment.
  • Use the most advanced technology in the management of the company to ensure effective operations that will best benefit the company, the nation and the public as a whole.




Electric Vehicles (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Is involved in the production of vehicles powered by electricity using the most advanced electrical engineering and technology. Through Thai initiative and intelligent organizations, enterprises and the public as well as foreign markets, the company is confident of winning acceptance as a top manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles.



The company has 3 product categories in which are reflected uniform high standards of R&D and manufacturing.


  • Proprietary EV designs including those built to customers specific requirements.
  • Locally assembled vehicles with imported parts.
  • Providing public transport concessions for public service to serve all sectors.



Electric vehicles are being developed to reduce air and noise pollution, and thus preserve our environment. Therefore, the company is involved in researching the latest advancements taking place around the world in this field, and developing these further to produce the finest engines with the fewest maintenance. The most important developments have been:


  • Computerized vehicle design aimed at enhancing
    style and ergonomics.
  • Electric motors that provide increased power
    and speed.
  • Automatic system controllers that are lightweight
    and durable.
  • Rechargeable, recyclable batteries.
  • Economical, efficient battery chargers backed by
    top service.